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VIRGINIA BEACH CIRCUIT COURT does not require a cover sheet for any deed or other instrument conveying or relating to an interest in real property

To change the Jurisdiction, go to Circuit Court Deed Calculation and then select a Court.
Be sure to add the number of cover sheet pages to the page count on the Content tab before calculating the instrument taxes and fees.

IMPORTANT: When calculating fees and taxes on the Circuit Court Deed Calculation web page, please include the TOTAL number of pages of both the document and cover sheet. For example, if a Deed of Bargain and Sale is 10 pages and the cover sheet is 2 pages, enter 12 in the Pages field.

To continue, click the NEXT button to enter a new cover sheet or select an existing data file and click the UPLOAD FILE button.

Supply the requested information for each of the applicable tabs.

Once each tab is complete, click NEXT to continue. You may go back to a completed tab to make updates/corrections before printing.

Before your cover sheet can be submitted to the Court, you must accept the Terms and Conditions of Use.
Then, click PRINT COVER SHEET to download the cover sheet file in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader or comparable PDF reader software is required.

Click VLRCS Tutorial  for a general introduction.

Click VLRCS Compatibility  for system requirements.


Upload To open a previously saved cover sheet file, click Browse to find the XML file on your computer (the file will have an XML extension) then click UPLOAD FILE.



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